Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Fine motor movements in your mouth require stability in your body. Feeding therapy addresses the physiological, emotional, sensory and behavioral aspects of taking in nutrition. Many of us eat and drink without even thinking about doing it. For others it can be very challenging. Coordinating the physical movements of biting, chewing, coordinating food in your mouth, holding liquid, and swallowing are very complex. Poor sensory integration of mouth movements, food taste, food textures and smells can be challenging. Since eating and drinking are so vital to existance and are required daily, challenges can very quickly become emotionally and behaviorally charged. Feeding therapy can address all of these issues systematically with trust and compassion leading to success, enjoyment of eating/drinking and good health.

Infant feeding therapy addresses fascia and muscle tension, balanced muscle use, coordination of muscles, tongue movement and resting posture, suck-swallow-breathe rhythm, palate shape, chin position and lip, tongue and buccal ties.

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